T39 pictureEricsson T39 Email Access over AT&T Wireless

Use the email client in your T39 to access email at your dial-up ISP
Also applies to Ericsson phones that are similar (e.g., T68)
Requires AT&T Wireless Data Connect (GSM Data) or ISP.Cingular (GPRS)

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Getting Started

Important Notes

  1. As a security measure, some ISPs will only allow you to retrieve (POP3) email from their own dial-ups, not from other Internet connections.
  2. As an anti-spam measure, many ISPs will only allow you to send (SMTP) email from their own dial-ups, not from other Internet connections.
  3. Older versions of T39 firmware have a bug that prevents sending email unless there is at least one message waiting to be retrieved. If your firmware has this bug, and your mailbox is empty, the workaround is to send yourself a dummy email by SMS.
  4. The phone normally resolves the POP3 and SMTP server names to actual IP (Internet) addresses using DNS server(s) that are usually assigned automatically by the ISP when a connection is made. If this is failing, you can try actual IP addresses (which look like "nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn" where n's are numeric digits) instead of POP3 and SMTP server names.


The leftmost column is the normal sequence of screens when the T39 is sending and receiving email. Screens on paths leading to the right are displayed when something goes wrong. Boxes attached by dashes explain the probable cause of the problem. In the case of "Bad POP3 or SMTP server address", see Note 4 above. Note that "Calling" does not apply to GPRS.

Troubleshooting flowchart

Sending Email By SMS

Depending on your area, the phone number of the AT&T Wireless SMS-to-Email gateway is either:

See what works, or check with AT&T Wireless for the correct number in your area.

The From address in email sent through the Email Gateway will just be your cellular phone number, so you may want to put your name in the body of the message.

To use the AT&T Wireless Email Gateway, you have two basic choices:

  1. Configure your phone to use the Email Gateway automatically

    Note: With the Set on send turned On (as configured above), the phone will give you a choice when sending an SMS message:

  2. Send the message manually to the Email Gateway

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