T39 pictureSony Ericsson WAP Gateway from AT&T Wireless

Use the Sony Ericsson "Mobile Internet" WAP Gateway
instead of Cingular "My Wireless Window"

Requires AT&T Wireless Data Connect (GSM Data) or ISP.Cingular (GPRS)
Applies to unlocked Ericsson phones similar to the T39 (e.g., T68)

Copyright 2002 John Navas, All Rights Reserved.
Permission is granted to copy for private non-commercial use only.

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NOTE: This information was compiled by the author and is provided as a public service. The author has no connection to AT&T Wireless or Sony Ericsson except as a customer. The author is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for any consequential problems that might result. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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  1. Setup a Data Account:
  2. Setup a WAP Profile for Sony Ericsson Mobile Internet:
  3. Select the WAP Profile:

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