AT&T Wireless MEdia Configuration
for Sony Ericsson (and other) Devices

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This is a setup guide for AT&T Wireless MEdia packages (as distinct from Data Connect) for Sony Ericsson devices. This guide can also be adapted to other GSM devices capable of GPRS and EGPRS/EDGE connections to the Internet. 

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Differences between MEdia and Data Connect

MEdia packages use the AT&T Wireless WAP profile (settings) to support most types of Internet access (e.g., HTTP [Web browsing], SMTP/POP3/IMAP [Email], FTP, Telnet, SSH, SSL). However, not all protocols seem to be fully supported, so problems may be seen with such things as VPN, and Data Acceleration is not available. Note that MEdia will not work with AT&T Wireless Data Connect profiles. For large amounts of data, MEdia is less expensive than Data Connect (as of this writing).

Data Connect uses AT&T Wireless Data Connect profiles (settings) to provide standard Internet connections with AT&T Wireless as the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Connections can be configured with or without Data Acceleration (which significantly boosts throughput by means of compression [which reduces image quality], caching, and transport optimization). For large amounts of data, Wireless Internet Express is more expensive than MEdia (as of this writing).

Handset configuration (e.g., Z600)Z600

If WAP isn't already working on the handset, the handset and SIM must first be configured for AT&T Wireless WAP:

This configuration is sufficient for WAP and/or Web browsing with the handset alone It's also sufficient for Email given an Email client in the handset that has been properly configured (including selection of the WAP profile for connections).

Configuring Windows to use the Handset GPRS/EGPRS Modem

  1. Create a handset modem entry. If your handset connection (cable, IrDA, Bluetooth) created a modem entry for your handset (e.g., Standard Modem over Bluetooth link), then you can skip to Step 2; otherwise:

    1. Download the handset modem driver from the Global support area of the Sony Ericsson website. Select Location, Enter product name and click on the appropriate Matching products link, Software, Drivers and scripts, Download here, and Download. Save the .ZIP file, and then extract the contents into a temporary folder. 

    2. Make sure your handset connection (cable, IrDA, Bluetooth) is installed properly, and note the COM port assigned. Make sure the handset is connected and powered on.

    3. Use Control Panel => Modem to Add the handset modem. Windows should detect the modem, and then search for the best driver. When it does, give Windows the location of the temporary folder with the downloaded modem driver, and complete the installation. (If auto-detection fails, try to Add the modem manually using the appropriate COM port with the downloaded driver.)

  2. Create a new Windows Dial-Up networking Connection:
    Item Value Comments
    Name AT&T Wireless MEdia or whatever name you prefer
    Phone number *99# selects the default GPRS profile
    User name WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM must be all uppercase
    Password CINGULAR1 must be all uppercase

  3. Set the port speed. (Important with EGPRS/EDGE!)

    1. Right-click on the Dial-Up Connection and select Properties.

    2. Make sure the correct modem (e.g., Sony Ericsson Z600 Bluetooth Modem, or Standard Modem over Bluetooth link) is selected, and click Configure.

    3. Set Maximum speed. Recommended values (if available):
      GRPS: 230400
      EGPRS/EDGE: 460800

    4. Click OK to close windows. 

Use this Dial-Up Connection to connect your computer to the Internet.

PC Card configuration (e.g., GC82)GC82

  1. Install the Sony Ericsson Wireless Manager:

  1. When the Wireless Manager is run for the first time, the Connection Wizard will start automatically. Enter the following settings:
    Item Value Comments
    Create a new connection AT&T Wireless MEdia or whatever name you prefer
    Type of Connection GPRS selects the default GPRS profile
    Choose network <Other>  
    Primary APN wap.cingular must be all lowercase
    User ID WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM must be all uppercase
    Password CINGULAR1 must be all uppercase; check Save password

Use the Wireless Manager to connect your computer to the Internet.


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